Forget Everything You Learned About Snacking

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There are a few new topics in particular that are trending‚ÄĒlike snacking. Snacking has become more common through the decades, but why? What is driving consumer snacking habits, motives, and frequency? Let us check out what we found with a quick review of some market research studies! Everyone Seems to Snack According to our research, … Read more

Make Easy Homemade Granola With B.A.R.E. Creations

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Recently I was explaining the basics of making granola at home. Many people lamented that most recipes felt too fussy and ingredient-heavy for the simple, not-too-sweet, easy granola they craved. A basic (but very good) granola requires just a handful of ingredients: oats, a sweetener, some oil, and maybe nuts or dried fruit. Once you … Read more

5 Fascinating Reasons People Like Granola

granola. granola bars, granola recipe, homemade granola

Granola is one of those products that never goes out of style. Ingredients and flavors may come and go, but the appeal of a crunchy, tasty, healthy breakfast (or anytime snack) remains. According to market research reports Granola¬†and¬†granola¬†bar products in¬†Canada¬†grew at a CAGR¬†of¬†3.5% between 2015 and 2019 and are expected to continue to¬†grow¬†at a CAGR¬†of¬†8.6% … Read more